Participating Schools

2017-2018 Update!

District Partners,

We are getting close to completing our edits for MySci K-5 for next year. We will have new versions of the curriculum prepared and uploaded to your MySci partner page this summer. Please DO NOT print out the current units to use for next year. We anticipate the updated versions will be available no later than June 15th.

We have several exciting changes and additions coming. In particular, we will have Google docs slides that correspond to each unit – available for your customization. You can see a sample of these here:


The Institute for School Partnership is empowering teachers with K-12 instructional materials that inspire and engage students.

Our lessons and investigations are designed to bring the excitement of hands-on learning to the K-12 classroom. Teams of master teachers and Washington University in St. Louis researchers develop, troubleshoot and field test each unit.

As a partner of the MySci Program you have access to curriculum, student journals, pre-/post-assessments, lendable items, partner resources, and professional development opportunities. Each school district has a password to access their Units. If you do not have a password, please contact us for more information. Search or click on your school district below. 

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