2019-20 Curriculum and Website Updates

July 16, 2019

Please read the following website and curriculum updates for 2019-20- we hope you find these changes helpful!


You may have noticed that our website has had some small updates that make navigation much easier.  You will now see that each K-5 Unit and each 6-8 Concept page has accordion-style drop-down arrows for each Section (K-5) or Cycle (6-8).  Please note that the red button Teacher Guide PDFs will be updated soon, but are currently not available for use.  You can still access all other lesson plan Google Docs and Slides, and these are up to date for 2019-20.  Remember to check both the side bar and the main page of a Unit or Module for helpful resources.  Please report any website errors to Jeanne Norris (j.norris@wustl.edu).

You will also notice that we’ve added several helpful documents to our website Overview page.  Don’t forget to look here before you dig into your units and modules- documents include classroom observation tools, posters, program summaries, and lesson planning tools.

Curriculum Updates

  • Pacing Fast-Track suggestions for K-8 curriculum (at the bottom of the Unit at a Glance document in grades 3-5; in a spreadsheet on the sidebar of the website 6-8)
  • Linked NGSS and MLS standards in the sidebar of every lesson in the K-8 curriculum
  • Unit Overview and Lesson-Specific Teacher Tutorial Videos for K-5 units (check back throughout first semester if they are not up for a particular unit)
  • Anchoring Phenomena for all K-5 units
  • Leveled responses for 5th grade Pre/Post Assessments
  • Technology integration and extensions, including computer science, robotics, and microelectronics applications (please reach out if you are interested in piloting!)